Cardio Clasess

Cardiovascular exercise helps you lose fat and look better! It can take year’s to add muscle but in a month you can look more muscular just by losing weight, it’s because body fat makes the body round and shapeless which hides the muscles. Cardiovascular exercise (“Cardio” for short) is more important for your general health than weightlifting, it’s not just about cosmetic appearances!

The Importance of Cardio:
*Tons of other health reason
*reduce risk of heart disease
*reduce blood pressure
*reduce risk of diabetes
*live longer

You can diet all you want to, but it will only get you so far when it comes to removing that stubborn body fat. That's why cardio is absolutely crucial when you're looking to loose weight . You have to get the heart pumping to help lose those excess pounds. "Cardiovascular exercise is any type of exercise that increases the work of the heart and lungs," Even if you enjoy a healthy diet, you have to burn calories to uncover those muscles, it's a fact of life. It isn’t just about making you look great, burning fat helps prevent obesity. Obesity sets the stage for heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes. that doesn’t sound like much fun does it!

What Is Cardiovascular Fitness?
Cardiovascular fitness enhances the ability of the heart and lungs to supply oxygen-rich blood to the working muscles. Cardiovascular fitness enhances the muscle's ability to use this oxygen to supply adequate energy for movement. Cardio exercises keeps your heart and respiratory system in good working condition. A good cardio workout not only burns fat, but tones muscles throughout your entire body! It’s definitely a two-for-one bonus! There’s no sense in burning fat if you’re not toning what you’re uncovering.

Besides looking great, here are some of the added health bonuses from integrating cardio as part of your active lifestlye.
*Improving blood circulation
*Lowering blood pressure
*Increasing lung capacity
*Strengthening the heart
*Increasing red blood cell count to mobilize oxygen throughout the entire body
*Increasing endurance
*Reducing the risk of death from cardiovascular problems
*Increase in exercise tolerance
*Reduction in body weight
*Reduction in blood pressure
*Reduction in bad (LDL and total) cholesterol
*Increase in good (HDL) cholesterol
*Increase in insulin sensitivity
*Contributes to good mental state of mind and healthy skin
*Burns calories quickly
*Increases blood flow to the muscles
*Lowers heart resting rate
*Improves body metabolism
*Improves overall appearance